Hey guys!

I’m not going to be posting for a week or so, I have to get new duct tape, and I have to get somethings. Don’t worry though, I’m not quitting! I’ll see you guys in a week! I may have some drafts get published though so, you can still check for updates!


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2nd video on you tube!

So I put my 2nd video on you tube!


It took a LONG time to load, but I was jumping up and down when it was loading.

If you guys want to see my 2nd video click  below.

And if you want a sneak peek, stay tuned.

Sneak peek:

It’s about SMALLETS! If you want to know how the credit cards fit and what I mean by 2 entrance hidden pockets,

click the video above!

Bye guys!

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Doodle day!

Hi again, so today I kind of felt like doodling, so I decided to show you guys some of my doodles, there’s 2 butterflies!




These were doodled by marker, crayon, and colored pencils!


On the side is my mustache pen, I really like that pen for out lining my doodle.

That’s all the doodles for today!


Bye guys!


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How to Make a Sox Fan Flag!


Today I’m going to show you a tutorial on how to make a Sox fan flag. My favorite team is the Cardinal’s but I decided to show you how to do a Sox one!

Here’s the things your going to need:

fleece flag

A fleece white flag with a hole on the side. (you can get these at a craft store)


A stick. (I’m using a pen)


And some Sox stickers. (you can also get these at a craft store)

flag stick

First your going to put the top of the pen/stick in the hole where in the flag.

choosing stickers

Then pick your sticker.


Then stick it on your flag and your done!

Tip(s) Put it under a book for a couple of hours to make sure the stick doesn’t come off.

Then wave your flag! Lol 🙂

Bye guys!

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Ok, I’ve got a question!

Hey Guys!

So, I’ve got a BIG question for you guys!

On a post every week, what should I put on it?

1. Favorite Blogger/You tuber

2. Favorite Song/Quote

3. Favorite Craft Idea

So kind of like a poll. This post will stay up for 10 days!

To vote, comment below.

Thank you!

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Okay its 6/4/13 now and I still haven’t taken it down, I’m going to keep this up for a few more days.  Please vote =)!


My Sketch Pad!

I’m going to show you some sketch’s from my sketch pad. It has models and then you stencil them and draw/dress them up! I’m going to be showing you some of mine!

1.photo 1

This one I call “The Midnight Glamor Collection”.


2.photo 3

“The Rainbow Party Collection”.


3.photo 2

“The Bridesmaid Collection”.


4.photo 5

My favorite “That Business Fashionista”.

Yep those are my sketches! Hope you liked them!


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Baby Shower Stencils!

My sister was hosting her friends baby shower and I helped her do a craft for it! I do not have pictures though! First we got these wooden pieces that were shaped as things like butterflies and cupcakes, then we took a xacto knife and paper and we took the wooden piece and we cut on the sides of it, when you rip out the shape and there is our stencil! I wish I had a picture to show you how they turned out but, my sister said it turned out great! They painted on baby clothing with the stencils! It was fun doing a craft with my sis!