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Hi! Guess what? I got a you tube channel! I just uploaded my first video! To see it click on the link below, or look up CraftsbyMGM in exact words!

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How to Make a Sox Fan Flag!


Today I’m going to show you a tutorial on how to make a Sox fan flag. My favorite team is the Cardinal’s but I decided to show you how to do a Sox one!

Here’s the things your going to need:

fleece flag

A fleece white flag with a hole on the side. (you can get these at a craft store)


A stick. (I’m using a pen)


And some Sox stickers. (you can also get these at a craft store)

flag stick

First your going to put the top of the pen/stick in the hole where in the flag.

choosing stickers

Then pick your sticker.


Then stick it on your flag and your done!

Tip(s) Put it under a book for a couple of hours to make sure the stick doesn’t come off.

Then wave your flag! Lol 🙂

Bye guys!

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Ok, I’ve got a question!

Hey Guys!

So, I’ve got a BIG question for you guys!

On a post every week, what should I put on it?

1. Favorite Blogger/You tuber

2. Favorite Song/Quote

3. Favorite Craft Idea

So kind of like a poll. This post will stay up for 10 days!

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Thank you!

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Okay its 6/4/13 now and I still haven’t taken it down, I’m going to keep this up for a few more days.  Please vote =)!


My Sketch Pad!

I’m going to show you some sketch’s from my sketch pad. It has models and then you stencil them and draw/dress them up! I’m going to be showing you some of mine! 1

This one I call “The Midnight Glamor Collection”. 3

“The Rainbow Party Collection”. 2

“The Bridesmaid Collection”. 5

My favorite “That Business Fashionista”.

Yep those are my sketches! Hope you liked them!


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Phone Case/Hanger!

My sister and me have bunk beds and she does college online, and she has to have a alarm, so she wanted me to make something that could hang her phone up so it was on the wall. I thought about it and I made this:

phone h1

It hangs from my bunk to hers (I have the top). It also has a hole for charging at the bottom. The lighting isn’t that good. Sorry about that! She says it works really well! I’m glad I could make that good. Just in case you didn’t know, the colors are, pink polka dot, purple, and yellow. It has a square for the home button. I over lapped the duct tape so it is VERY sturdy. I made sure it wouldn’t fall my put 2 pieces of REALLY sticky duct tape. I would change the pieces every week to make sure it never falls. I can tell you how I made it.

Makes 1 Phone Case/Hanger. Level: Medium

Your going to need:

A xacto knife or scissors

Duct tape

Something to cut on


1. First make a simple pocket big and tall enough to fit the phone.

2. Then layer it with duct tape about 5 times (This will make it nice and thick).

3. Then cut out a piece as long as you want.

4. Then cover it up with another piece leaving some sticky at the end.

5. Then stick it on the back of the pocket.

6. Cover that up with another layer of duct tape.

7. Then cut the holes for the screen and home button (camera optional).

8. The at the end of the long strip put 2 pieces of sticky duct tape on it making a +.

9. Then hang where you want it.

And your done.

Tip: Remember to switch pieces every week.


Bye! Hope this 1st tutorial helped!

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Baby Shower Stencils!

My sister was hosting her friends baby shower and I helped her do a craft for it! I do not have pictures though! First we got these wooden pieces that were shaped as things like butterflies and cupcakes, then we took a xacto knife and paper and we took the wooden piece and we cut on the sides of it, when you rip out the shape and there is our stencil! I wish I had a picture to show you how they turned out but, my sister said it turned out great! They painted on baby clothing with the stencils! It was fun doing a craft with my sis!


Stylus Holder!



So, I just got this pack of stylus’ from Amazon, I made this stylus holder out of duct tape! It’s really cute! The reason it says sister stylus is because my sisters and me are the only ones who use them. It’s pretty wild too!

This is what it looks like!

stylus pic 1

Cute, huh?

stylus pic 3

It has sharpie marker on it. It’s not stenciled.

It’s been very helpful, and it fits into my purse so I can take it on the go too. I took a picture of the inside but my computer didn’t save it. Also, this is not crafty but I recommend the seller, it was great customer service, I believe the name was Newisland. It is from china, but it shipped and came very quickly! The stylus’ are nice too, the only thing I might add is that the tips are a bit soft.


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Wallets! (Duct tape)

So I wanted to show you guys some wallets I’ve made. First I’m going to show you my personal, and then just a cool wallet I made a while back. But this first one I kind of created. I thought the idea and then made it! So I hope you like it!

This is the inside

wallet zebra

There is 1 credit card holder that holds up to 3 credit cards, (I have 2 in there right now) It has a bill fold,(no sticky pieces) and a ID, it does not have tape or plastic though.

And here is the bill fold,

wallet zebra open

I have money in there for example. As you can see, the bill fold comes out, and it has velcro to keep in place. Sorry for the shadows :).

And this is the other wallet, don’t mind my hand, I couldn’t get the light in the right place.

wallet crop checkered

3 credit card pockets, a ID with clear tape, and a expandable coin pocket. I forgot to take a pic of the bill fold in the back, sorry about that.

Again sorry about tutorials still working on the videos!

Hope you guys like this post!

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