Smallets! (Small duct tape wallets)

Hey Guys! Today I’m going to show you some duct tape wallets I’m starting to get into, I give the design credit completely to DN Crafts, other than the 2 entrance hidden pocket which I’ll show you later. Okay, now I’ll show you some pictures.


photo 1-1

Here’s the inside.


photo 3-1

An ID with thick plastic. (It’s not tape)


photo 2-1

3 credit card holders (It has yellow trimming on the credit cards and ID)


photo 4

A hidden pocket under the ID, the hidden pocket has 2 entrances, (That’s the part I made up)

photo 5-2

And a yellow bill fold. Pretty soon on my You Tube I’ll be posting a tutorial for this so, check for updates!


And then I made 3 more but one of them didn’t turn out good because I was trying to rush through it. I’m going to show you the 2 others and this one right now.


photo 1-2

So there is a Blue Cheetah one, a Pink one, and the one I showed you before. (Jean/Denim)


photo 2-2

This is the inside. pink trimming, purple trimming, and again the same yellow trimming. All of them have 1 ID, 1 Billfold, and 3 credit card holders.


Yep those are all my good smallets. Again, DN crafts I give full credit on the design except for the hidden pocket. You should go check out her you tube channel!

I have a question, if I were selling wallets would you buy from me?

Comment below to answer my question!

Bye guys!

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Baby Shower Stencils!

My sister was hosting her friends baby shower and I helped her do a craft for it! I do not have pictures though! First we got these wooden pieces that were shaped as things like butterflies and cupcakes, then we took a xacto knife and paper and we took the wooden piece and we cut on the sides of it, when you rip out the shape and there is our stencil! I wish I had a picture to show you how they turned out but, my sister said it turned out great! They painted on baby clothing with the stencils! It was fun doing a craft with my sis!


Stylus Holder!



So, I just got this pack of stylus’ from Amazon, I made this stylus holder out of duct tape! It’s really cute! The reason it says sister stylus is because my sisters and me are the only ones who use them. It’s pretty wild too!

This is what it looks like!

stylus pic 1

Cute, huh?

stylus pic 3

It has sharpie marker on it. It’s not stenciled.

It’s been very helpful, and it fits into my purse so I can take it on the go too. I took a picture of the inside but my computer didn’t save it. Also, this is not crafty but I recommend the seller, it was great customer service, I believe the name was Newisland. It is from china, but it shipped and came very quickly! The stylus’ are nice too, the only thing I might add is that the tips are a bit soft.


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Clay Crafts!

So, I also do clay crafts! It’s very fun! I’m gonna show you some clay things that look like food. I use SCULPEY clay. I’m wondering if FIMO is better, please comment if you know that :).

This is a red, gold, and blue cake, it has green fondant, blueberries, and strawberries! Yum! I’m still a kind of beginner so its not the best.

clay cake

And some cupcakes!

1. Strawberry cake, Kiwi frosting, and a cherry on top!

2. Banana cake, Orange frosting, and some grapes!

3. Blueberry cake, Lemon frosting, and a kiwi!

clay cupcakes!

Again, I’m just a beginner so, not perfect, but these are some of my first cupcakes so I will get better. :):):) I will post tutorials soon! Trying to make tutorials for you guys, soon I will post some!

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