Smallets! (Small duct tape wallets)

Hey Guys! Today I’m going to show you some duct tape wallets I’m starting to get into, I give the design credit completely to DN Crafts, other than the 2 entrance hidden pocket which I’ll show you later. Okay, now I’ll show you some pictures.


photo 1-1

Here’s the inside.


photo 3-1

An ID with thick plastic. (It’s not tape)


photo 2-1

3 credit card holders (It has yellow trimming on the credit cards and ID)


photo 4

A hidden pocket under the ID, the hidden pocket has 2 entrances, (That’s the part I made up)

photo 5-2

And a yellow bill fold. Pretty soon on my You Tube I’ll be posting a tutorial for this so, check for updates!


And then I made 3 more but one of them didn’t turn out good because I was trying to rush through it. I’m going to show you the 2 others and this one right now.


photo 1-2

So there is a Blue Cheetah one, a Pink one, and the one I showed you before. (Jean/Denim)


photo 2-2

This is the inside. pink trimming, purple trimming, and again the same yellow trimming. All of them have 1 ID, 1 Billfold, and 3 credit card holders.


Yep those are all my good smallets. Again, DN crafts I give full credit on the design except for the hidden pocket. You should go check out her you tube channel!

I have a question, if I were selling wallets would you buy from me?

Comment below to answer my question!

Bye guys!

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Wallets! (Duct tape)

So I wanted to show you guys some wallets I’ve made. First I’m going to show you my personal, and then just a cool wallet I made a while back. But this first one I kind of created. I thought the idea and then made it! So I hope you like it!

This is the inside

wallet zebra

There is 1 credit card holder that holds up to 3 credit cards, (I have 2 in there right now) It has a bill fold,(no sticky pieces) and a ID, it does not have tape or plastic though.

And here is the bill fold,

wallet zebra open

I have money in there for example. As you can see, the bill fold comes out, and it has velcro to keep in place. Sorry for the shadows :).

And this is the other wallet, don’t mind my hand, I couldn’t get the light in the right place.

wallet crop checkered

3 credit card pockets, a ID with clear tape, and a expandable coin pocket. I forgot to take a pic of the bill fold in the back, sorry about that.

Again sorry about tutorials still working on the videos!

Hope you guys like this post!

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